Which NBA retro jersey is the best? Warriors California silhouette, Lakers look back to history to pay tribute to classics

Who wouldn’t love going back to the good old days? This is exactly what many NBA teams are doing today. In the new season, many teams have launched classic retro NBA jerseys. Nostalgia and tribute are also important contents of the NBA. Which team’s jersey looks the best, let us find out together. Old version […]

Warm heart! After receiving a gift after a fiasco in the NBA, James gave the jersey to Morant:The sky is his limit

According to the famous Bill Oram report, after the Lakers’ fiasco, James received a gift in the locker room-Morant’s jersey. As a human being, I gave the 35-year-old James a surprise. This move was so heart-warming. When James returned to the locker room, he saw Morant’s NBA jersey hanging next to his locker. Then James […]

Why do you wear the Nuggets No. 15 jersey? Jokic has the answer

The NBA Finals continued. Jokic of the Nuggets was asked in an interview: “You chose to wear the No. 15 jersey in the national team and the NBA. What’s the story behind the No. 15?” I thought there was an epic story , to improve Jokic’s image. However, Jokic just replied lightly: “I used to […]